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Education programme for restaurant trades and nutritional subjects

This education programme gives training in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry and the food processing industry, but also qualifies you for work in other companies that process and produce meat, fish, beverages, and bakery and food products. It qualifies you for employment as a baker, confectioner, fishmonger, sausage maker, butcher, waiter and cook.

These vocations require manual skills, accuracy and cleanliness. When in direct contact with customers it is vital that you are focused on providing good service.


Education programme for utilization of natural resources

If you choose this education programme, you may later work in nature and with natural resources. You could become a gardener, fisherman or farrier, or you could find employment in gardening, aquaculture, reindeer herding, agriculture or forestry.

If you wish to choose this education programme, you should be interested in nature, have manual skills and like working outdoors.


Restaurant- og matfag / Naturbruk

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